Just What Do Vegans Eat Anyway?

What Do Vegans Eat? A mono meal of watermelon makes a simple and satisfying meal.A Mono Meal of Watermelon can be simple and satisfying.

Question: What do vegans eat? Answer: Whatever they want!…If it comes from plants.

Veganism is often described as being too strict or extreme, but in reality I find it to be less of a hassle than eating S.A.D. (Standard American Diet). To me it is a diet of abundance where you can eat a variety of beautiful food.

My favorite way of eating a vegan diet leans toward the raw food or fruitarian diet, but I like to keep a balance and enjoy the warming comfort of cooked meals. I might have a day where all I eat are mono meals of just one type of high carb fruit. Usually the fruit is whatever is local and in season, or bananas because they are easy to find year-round. Other days I will eat a variety of food, both cooked and raw.

And, because one of my main goals is healthy weight loss, I try to keep the vegan junk food to a minimum. I’m a work in progress, and even though I know the salty snacks, high fat food, and array of vegan candies should be a no-no, I sometimes cannot help myself. Also, avoiding heavily processed food is a good idea, especially if you are trying to heal your body and become more vibrant in your life. One thing I'm not much a fan of is the processed products that are made to look and taste like their non-vegan counterparts, but they serve a good purpose for some.

Mono meals of fruit, Green Smoothies, extra large salads, and delicious plant-based recipes are among the ways I prefer to eat daily meals. The one thing I find difficult is making sure to eat enough to get the calories and nutrients needed for energy.

What Do Vegans Eat? Tortilla Soup with spinach.Vegan Tortilla Soup with Spinach

Here are some meal ideas:

Breakfast Ideas:

  • Mono meal of a sweet fruit
  • Large Fruit Smoothie
  • Oatmeal topped with fruit
  • Avocado on vegan toast

Lunch/Dinner Ideas:

  • Large salad
  • Veggie Sandwich
  • Tortilla Soup
  • Veggie Pizza
  • Vegan Chili with corn chips
  • Veggie Burger with french fries
  • Baked Potato topped with vegan mushroom gravy

The list could be much longer, but these are just some of the common things I like to eat.

What Do Vegans Eat?

When asked “what do vegans eat?” I will answer, but still get questioned on whether or not cheese, fish, or seafood is okay to eat. Well, you are free to eat whatever you wish, but if you are interested in being a vegan, you will want to avoid those products.

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