Your Guide to Vegan Recipes for Healthy, Satisfying Meals

Colorful Carrots can be used in a variety of vegan recipes both raw and cooked.

Vegan Recipes can be very simple with few ingredients and quick prep time to the more complex recipe full of ingredients and a lengthy process.

Using fresh whole food ingredients in the from of smoothies, salads, and juices, or a simple mono meal of steamed or roasted vegetables are the simplest ways to eat a vegan diet. And, surprisingly these can be very satiating, even with low-fat cooking and no salt.

On the opposite end, there are so many recipes for home cooked, stick to your gut, versions of non-vegan favorites that will certainly satisfy your taste buds. I do enjoy these meals, especially a vegan pizza, but since my goal is healthy weight loss, I limit these meals.

There are so many talented vegan chefs with the most inventive recipes online and who have their own cook books (or un-cook books for the raw vegans). I definitely get inspired by these chefs and one of my goals for my get fresh plan and this website is to try more recipes both simple and complex.

Here are just some of the bloggers and YouTubers I follow who make delicious vegan recipes:

Post down below if you have any vegan chef recommendations.

Many of the chefs I follow are raw vegan because I do feel the best when I eat this way, but I also don’t like being too strict. I am one of those people who will quickly self-sabotage if I deny myself a craving. Eating cooked food or even processed plant-based meals in moderation will not be detrimental to my health. Going totally off the rails is what I want to avoid. I have personal experience being too dogmatic in the past and that only set me up for failure.

However, the fake vegan cheeses and products made to resemble meat are of very little interest to me.
I feel like it’s unnecessary. When I have pizza, I load it up with my favorite vegetables and sauce and it’s very tasty. No cheese necessary. I will try to choose better ingredients for the crust if I have the option.

I actually enjoy the taste of fresh veggies, fruit, herbs, nuts, and seeds for my vegan recipes and meals. I may try some of those products just for information, but my goal is health, and those products are still processed and in my opinion, not so healthy. I’m trying to find my nutritional balance, as everyone should no matter what diet they prefer.

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