Why a Vegan Diet?

Why a Vegan Diet? Raw Vegan Zucchini Pasta with Pesto on the Side.Raw Vegan Zucchini Pasta with Pesto on the Side.

For me, switching to a vegan diet is out of necessity for health, weight loss, and wanting to feel alive again. My health has been deteriorating for the past ten years, and as I reflect on my entire life, it has most likely been heading in that direction since childhood.

Up until age eleven I was a skinny legged, tall for my age girl. Slowly my body started to change, but I still maintained a normal weight until my mid thirties. Things dramatically escalated about four years ago, and I've been at the same obese weight since.

What I know now is the food available to me growing up was not nourishing, and highly addictive. I also learned that food can be soothing and a comfort in times of stress.

Growing up my parents had no idea what it meant to eat healthy. Animal products were a part of almost every meal, and if the meal wasn’t centered around some type of meat, it was processed products like sugary cereal or pasta. Snacks such as chips and packaged cookies were more abundant than fruit in my home. Pizza, Chinese food, or fast food was common at dinner time. And, home cooked meals....healthy? No way! Mayonnaise, butter, meat fat, and cheese were in almost everything. My mother would cook greens and vegetables until they turned into a lifeless dark green or brown color. She was a typical Southern cooker.

Learning about a Plant Based Lifestyle

So how did a low quality food eater decide to choose a plant-based diet and vegan weight loss as a way to transform her life? I’m really not sure. As I think back to my mid to late teens, I was drawn to health and would try to make better choices. Although I was too shy for sports, I took weight lifting as an elective in High School. In my late teens I started massage school. Becoming a massage therapist opened me up to a more conscious and healthy lifestyle. I was exposed to Vegan, Vegetarian, green smoothies, and fasting when I worked at a gym with a health minded cafe next door. It still took me a long time before I would focus on a vegan diet plan as a way of getting my health back.

What to Eat on a Vegan Diet

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Grains (maybe…food allergies can be an issue)...white rice seems works well in my system.

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Vegan Diet Update:

January 2017

From January to December 2016 I lost about sixty pounds. Mostly by hiking and intermittent fasting. In August I fell into a bit of a rut. I have found it difficult to eat all healthy, all the time. I have been trying other vegan foods that are less healthy, processed, and don't feel as great in my body, but much better for me than animal products. I still desire a whole-food, plant-based diet, but have learned that if I do not allow myself a splurge once in a while, and if I am not fully prepared, I will eat whatever is available.

I enjoy vegan snacks, and on occasion, vegan candy. On my days off from my job, I will have a veggie burger and french fries, a Starbucks Mocha (the mocha sauce is vegan), or Mexican food. I have even started trying out some meat alternatives from companies such as Tofurky, and Gardein. Meat and dairy alternatives have come a long way since I first became interested in this lifestyle.

Weight loss is great, but this year I plan to find a better balance for greater health.

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