Simple Tips to Lose Weight & Stay on Track

Tips to Lose Weight....Be Prepared...Cantaloupe on the GoEating fruit at De Leon Springs State Park

Following these simple tips to lose weight can keep you on a happy, healthy track while moving toward your slim down goals.

Be Prepared

Keep your refrigerator and cabinets stocked full of fresh fruits, vegetables, and vegan staples. If you have the ingredients on hand to prepare your meals, as well as easy to grab and go fresh snacks, you will dramatically cut down on potential self-sabotage.

If possible eat at the same time daily. Knowing what you are going to eat and when is one of the best ways to stay on track. When we are not prepared and have to go out of our way to get our meals is when we might allow ourselves to eat something not as healthy.

Add Good Stuff In

If you are just starting out on a vegan diet plan, the best way to transition is to add an abundance of healthy fresh foods to your daily meal plan while lessening the intake of high fat, meat, dairy, and most processed food. If you are a strong willed person and want to go “all in” do it. For most people a slower transition leads to a better chance for success.

Stay Hydrated

Some of the many reasons for drinking water to hydrate your body include:

  • combats fatigue
  • flushes toxins from body tissue
  • regulates body temperature
  • lubricates your joints
  • Fills you up so you do not feel false hunger

My Favorite on the list of Tips to Lose Weight - Eat Plant-Based and Mostly Raw

Nourish your body with healing plant-based foods. Eating this way will naturally shed weight, heal your body, and give you energy for exercise. Keep your food fresh and as close to the way it looked when it was harvested for ultimate results. Also, eating plenty of raw vegan foods will help your body heal and you will feel amazing.

Find Inspiration

The internet and especially YouTube are full of inspirational people who have lost weight by eating a vegan diet. To keep it fresh, look for raw food weight loss examples, and exercises for weight loss. Search for workouts that interest you and those you would have fun doing.

Surround Yourself with Like-Minded People

Having a support group of people who are sympathetic to your situation and needs is important when transitioning to a vegan weight loss plan. You can find people in online forums, local meet up groups, or at your local vegan restaurants. More and more people are coming to a vegan diet for a variety of reasons.

Be Forgiving with Yourself

If you mess up and eat something not on your healthy weight loss plan, remember….IT’S NOT THE END OF THE WORLD! Just get back on track by eating a fresh meal high in fiber to help eliminate the not so favorable meal that deterred you. You can have a raw veggie plate, a mono meal of fruit such as oranges or pears, or make a healthy pot of vegan soup.

Do you have any tips of your own? Post down below in the comments section and let us know.

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