Squat Jump - Your Squat Challenge Cardio Boost

Adding Squat Jump reps to your squat challenge will increase your heart rate, strengthen muscles, and burn calories.

This type of squat is just like it sounds, do a squat and then jump up with your hands over your head, out is front of you, or in prayer position. That’s how I do them because I’m praying I won’t die from my heart beating out of my chest. I looked up some YouTube videos to make sure I was doing them properly.

I’m really out of shape and find this exercise very difficult. For my challenge I have tried to add them in, but find it difficult to do many reps one after the other. However the difficulty, I recognize how doing a jump squat can increase my fitness level. I just need to take it slowly while building up the reps. I definitely do not want to get injured and set myself back on my fitness and weight loss goals.

Be cautious if you are new to exercise or have a lot of weight to lose like I do.

Squat Challenge Progress:

Day 21: 3:09 – After completing my make up squats from yesterday, I decided to wait until later to do my squats for today. YAY! I did them before going to bed, and at a decent hour. 

Day 22: 2:57 – DONE! And it’s only 10:30am. It is a slow Sunday morning, but I’m self-employed and my weekdays can sometimes feel like a Sunday. There’s usually not a valid excuse for me to not get my squats done early. I tried to do a squat jump. Oh my! I’m pretty good a jumping rope, but these jump squats are killers. Just like the full squat, the more I do the better I will get.

Day 23: 3:10 - It’s 10:40pm….so much for getting my squats done early. As I started my reps, I thought my energy was good, but as I continued I definitely decided mornings are better for energy. I mentioned on day 18 how I enjoyed doing squats right before bed, but I also find benefits to doing them in the morning. I guess I should consider 200 squats a day and split them for am squats and pm squats. I love the way I am feeling from doing this squat exercise challenge.

Day 24: 3:07 – I’m amazed that I haven’t missed any of this challenge. I have forgotten to do them a few times, but made up for it the next day. I plan on continuing doing daily squats after the challenge is over. I also love the idea of challenges, and will find a new challenge for next month. Exercise should be fun. Declaring a challenge tests my dedication, and encourages me to find ways to push myself within the challenge, like a squat jump. Phew….they kick my butt.

wild dandelion greens for post workout smoothie

Day 25: 3:05 - Today was a healthy and creative day. I had a jewelry-making lesson with a friend, and then went to the park and walked 2.34 miles. After my walk, I did my 100 squats. I also picked some wild dandelion greens from my yard for a yummy green smoothie. Today is the kind of day I would like to have everyday. I just need to work out the logistics when I have massage appointments.

Read Days 26-30 of my squat challenge progress.

Squat jump benefits

Adding reps of a squat jump to your routine is a great way to burn calories while toning your butt, calves, and thighs. It’s also a great for strengthening your core muscles, and especially fantastic for those who love to workout at home with little to no equipment.

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