30 Day Squat Exercise Challenge

This Squat Exercise Challenge will tone your butt, legs, and core muscles. I got the idea from 100SquatsADay.com. The plan is to do 100 Squats a day for 30 days, but as I write this article, I have already completed day five and want to add another 50 reps of a plie squat to add some extra toning for the inner thighs.

I'm thinking day seven will be a good time to shake up the challenge, but we will see. As long as I get my 100 a day in, I'm on my way to completing my goal. Anything extra will be raw icing on the raw vegan cake, haha.

Here Is How My Squat Exercise Challenge Is Progressing:

Day 1: I thought it was going to be difficult to do a squat since I have not been working out much at all, and I'm overweight. The decision was made to use a TRX Suspension Trainer to protect my knees and remind my body how to do a squat. I hooked the strap to the door and started my reps. It was hard and it took me about 4 minutes to complete.

Day 2: 3:34 I woke up a little sore, but not too bad. I thought, "Wow! hardly sore at all, I can do this". Feeling pretty good, I decided to give a few reps of just bodyweight squats to see how it went and left the TRX in the closet. Surprisingly it went very well and I felt good doing all 100.....Until the next morning!

30 Day Squat Exercise Challenge

Day 3: 3:42OUCH! I can hardly move this morning. If you have done or are doing this challenge with me, then you might be able to empathize with how painful it feels to have the lactic acid build up after beginning a new exercise program. It pays to move your body every day. Not using the TRX must have worked the muscles a bit harder. I thought about bailing on my challenge because I did not see how I was going to squat with so much pain, but I just dove in a started my reps. The pain quickly went away and I completed my 100 reps in 3:42. Getting better!

Day 4: 3:36 - This was my best day so far. I felt energetic and strong. The lactic acid has subsided and my muscle pain is at a much more tolerable level.

Day 5: 3:15 - Although this morning was my best time so far, I did not feel as energetic as yesterday. It could have been lack of sleep or just part of the process. I think I might have messed up on counting because my time was 3:15. Maybe it's just becoming easier for me. 

(Please Note........I just want to complete the reps in the safest way possible, so I am not pushing for a record breaking time each day. It just happened to be that my timing and form is improving even though it is still early in the challenge. Remember to consult your doctor if you are beginning any new aspect to your diet or fitness routine)

Read Days 6-10 of my squat challenge progress

Doing a Squat Exercise Challenge is a great way to focus your attention on a specific goal. Even if you are new to exercise and learn how to squat safely, by the end of this challenge you should have improved your muscle tone and become stronger. You might want to lower your squat exercises and build up slowly. I'm doing 100 because I am not new to working out and I am very cautious so I do not injure myself.

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