Increase Your Results of Running to Lose Weight by Eating a Vegan Diet

The benefits of running to lose weight stand alone, but why not increase your success by adding a vegan diet to your regimen. Eating this way while building your running performance will quickly lead you to health and vitality.

Adding a diet high in a variety of sweet fruits, non-sweet fruits, greens, and vegetables will give you an abundance of energy while increasing your mileage without leaving your body feeling depleted.

In general, I have less pain when eating a clean plant-based diet. Inflammation decreases and my muscles release tension. After intense workout or long runs, my body recovers so much faster. It's truly the perfect running diet.

Proceed With Caution

When you start running to lose weight, there are precautions to take. If you have a significant amount of weight to lose, or have had previous injuries, it is a good idea to consult with you doctor before hitting the trail. You want to make sure you will not be setting yourself back by not working within your own limitations.

Steps to Consider When Running To Lose Weight:

  • Consult your Doctor
  • Eat a Diet High in Fruits and Vegetables
  • Choose the right Gear
  • Drink Plenty of Water
  • Join a Club for Runners
  • Journal Your Food and Workouts

Nature Is My Gym

Nature is my gym

Running burns a lot of calories and when done outside, it seems to add an element of healing when breathing fresh air. To me, it is therapeutic. Not only am I burning calories, but also, when done in nature, it feels like meditation.

Eating vegan and running will dramatically decrease weight and change your body composition. You will become stronger and more confident. If you suffer from unsightly cellulite, you will start to see it disappear before your eyes. You will become vibrant and alive.

Try the beginners running program I used to build up my endurance and see for yourself. This process takes you from walking and getting use to a routine of getting off the couch and into your workout clothing and builds you up to running.

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Remember it is always recommended to consult your doctor when changing your diet or beginning any new health and fitness program. Be Safe so you don’t become injured and set yourself back on your health and fitness goals.

**In 2016 I bought a pair of Altra Running Shoes and love them. The toe box is wider, and it makes for a more comfortable run. I have read that their shoes are all Vegan. If you have conflicting information, message me.

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