My Weight Loss Journey

My weight loss journey has been a slow process, but in 2016 I moved to Sedona, AZ, started hiking, and eating less, and BOOM!, started losing weight.

Here are some brief snippets of time in my weight loss journey.

July 2014 - 290 pounds
I left Virginia Beach for Florida. My intention was to visit my mother in Florida for about three weeks and then depart for Sedona, AZ.

That’s not what ended up happening. I sorta got stuck in my mother’s energy trying to help her get settled in her new Florida home. It never happened.

July 2015 - My weight fluctuates between 300 and 310 pounds… now I have been in Florida for a year. Although I spend a lot of time swimming at De Leon Springs State Park, and hiking the nature trail, my weight doesn't budge. I over eat and eat out a lot. My digestion has gotten worse since coming to Florida and I’m often ill after eating.

January 2016 - 300 pounds (I don’t have any body shots from this time, but it’s the beginning of my weight loss).

My mother decided to move back to Virginia Beach and I headed out West. She has more support in VB so I felt less responsible for her happiness. I was in Virginia until mid January then moved to Sedona, Arizona.

End of January 2016 - not sure of my weight
At this point I have been in Sedona for about two weeks. I have been hiking everyday and eating a lot less. I’m starting to feel better. I haven’t been watching what I eat except keeping it mostly vegan. Junk food vegan is still an issue for me. I haven’t been eating any meat, chicken, fish, or seafood.

I'm addicted to coffee, and I just found out Starbucks mocha sauce is vegan. I should avoid drinking coffee, but I really enjoy it, especially when it's combined with chocolate.

May 2016 - 270 pounds
Hiking + not overeating = weight loss. For my skins sake, I want to focus more on a whole food vegan diet. I’m feeling good and my clothes are finally starting to feel more roomy. I can also see some changes in my face.

June 4, 2016
Weighed in at 260. I’m wearing four sizes less than in January, maybe six sizes because my clothes are getting baggy....not complaining about having to buy new clothes. I like having a job where I don’t have to dress up. I just have to look presentable. Usually I wear black pants and solid color shirt. Sometimes it’s all black. I’m working in a Kitchen currently as a Juicer for a healing retreat center. It's an active job, and I never sit down for longer than ten minutes during my shift.

I was thinking about how healing a raw vegan diet is and it made me feel excited to get back in the headspace of healing my body instead of just focusing on weight loss. My diet is still mostly vegan and junky, with occasional cheating with dairy. It doesn’t feel good to eat dairy. My stomach will hurt and sometimes the result is a migraine headache. 

Raw vegan with a focus on more fruit and greens is what I’m thinking would be a great way to heal my body and get the rest of the weight off. I’m not declaring this to be my new lifestyle, but a healing plan for a month or more.

August 2, 2016
I still haven’t implemented a raw food diet, but I have been adding more fruit. Mostly fruit in the morning, and still not eating after 6 or 7 at night. I’ve been hiking longer distances and more often. I even tested out my running muscles again. The Long Canyon Trail in Sedona is relatively flat, but with rocky patches, some sandy areas, and dips into a dry creek bed. Those are the areas I walk and take water breaks, and of course I had to take some pictures. My weight is fluctuating around 250 pounds.

My Weight Loss Journey Challenges

December 1st, 2016
I weighed myself today and weigh 240. I fell in to a rut sometime around August when my weight was around 243. I haven’t been hiking as much as I was and snacking a lot more. This type of thing has happened to me before. It feels like a depression cycle. I can function in my life, but I forget about the things that make me feel my best. My clothes are still loose, but my belly was feeling bloated from all the chemical trashy food.

I don’t think I mentioned this, but I have been practicing intermittent fasting since I started my weight loss journey in January of this year. I’m not perfect, but for the most part I only eat between the hours of 10am - 6pm. Sometimes I don’t eat my first meal until 11am, but find I still like to be finished eating by 6pm.

Snacking is something I can’t seem to stop. It makes me feel lethargic, my face is puffy, and my colon is out of whack. Not hiking or working out really has an impact on how I feel. It’s still not optimal, but much better to keep up with some sort of movement when my diet is crap.

I’m wearing a 18W. If I loose some belly fat, it should send me to a different section of the department store when shopping for clothing. That feels good and is super motivating.

Although I planned to lose much more weight than I did, I’m happy with my weight loss journey of 2016. Aside from the rut I fell into in August, I feel like I made some positive gains in my life. My hope for 2017 is to continue on with losing weight, eating a vegan diet, and definitely to have more fun in life.

Thanks for reading about my weight loss journey. The journey has just begun, so check back often for updates.

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