Green Smoothies are an Excellent Way to Boost Your Nutrition

Dark Leafy Greens for Green Smoothies

Green smoothies are one of the easiest and most delicious meals I make. And, they a great way to add nutrition to your vegan diet.

In 1989 I worked as a receptionist at a gym. Attached to the gym was a health food café. They served a variety of healthy meals both vegan and non-vegan.

At the time vegan or raw were not buzzwords, and neither was a drink that was a bright color green, but this café served both. They had a basic fruit smoothie and you had the option of adding an extra item that upped the nutrition factor. On the menu of extras was spirulina. They also had bee pollen and Vitamin C powder to add as well as Protein powder. I would always choose the spirulina option and take it back to the desk where I would have to field comments such as “yuck!” “What is that?” “Gross!” “Eeeewww!” you get the picture. People did not know what to make of my green drink.

Fast forward to 2004 when I started working at a different gym doing massage. Green smoothies and raw food are now starting to buzz in other parts of the Country, however in my little beach city on the East Coast, the comments are still the same “yuck!” “What is that?” “Gross!” “Eeeewww!” By now I am not only adding Spirulina to my smoothies, but also dark leafy greens.

I'm starting to find more and more people open to Vegan, Raw Food Diets, and Smoothies (green or otherwise), and still get the “Eeeewwws” and “Yuck” comments on occasion, but also find those who are curious as to how they can make their own healthy smoothies.

My personal favorite greens to add to a smoothie are Spinach and Chard. I’ve also become accustomed to eating more bitter greens such as Dandelion, Kale, and Collards, but at first the bitter greens were hard to tolerated. Adding plenty of sweet fruit helps to get used to the greens.

Create Your Best Green Smoothie

My basic formula always includes a banana or two (sometimes more), another sweet fruit or berries (or both), and a handful of greens. I like to blend my smoothies with water, adding a little at a time until I get my desired consistency. Sometimes I will put a scoop of Spirulina or another type of green powder, such as Chlorella Blue-Green Algae. Even with a basic formula, the combinations are endless. I try to get the freshest fruit I can find and will choose local when it’s available.

I have met people who love a Vegetable Smoothie full of Greens and other veggies, but I call that Energy Soup.  My tastes buds really do not care much for the pungent and often bitter taste of this combination. I prefer to eat my veggies in a cooked vegan recipes, a salad, or a juice.

After a bit of green smoothie experimentation using different fruits, greens, and ratios, you will start to discover the right balance for your taste buds.

 The more you try bitter greens, the more you will get use to the taste and even start to crave them in a smoothie or salads.

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