The Get Fresh Challenge 1
Going Raw

When I get in the right head-space, going raw is relatively easy for me, it’s staying raw that seems to be my problem. I have been having food cravings the past few days, and when I look at what I have been eating, it's most likely because I have not been eating enough fruit and getting enough calories. If I start to get the cravings, they are usually remedied when I eat fruit. However, my food addictions send my brain into hyper drive into thoughts of what I could be eating, and it’s usually not raw.

The Get Fresh Challenge Day 15

January 17, 2012

This morning I woke up in a funk that stayed with me the entire day. My thoughts have been positive, but I think the low calorie days might have something to do with my mood. I have read about how emotions can come up for people who are just starting a raw food diet. There is no specific memory associated with my current mood, just a lull. I cannot remember having any extreme emotions when when first starting a raw diet in the past.

I am a massage therapist, and know that muscle stores memory. I have heard of people who have had flash backs to a traumatic event that happened in their past while they are getting a massage. I guess it is no different when the muscles are being detoxed from the toxic waste that has been stored for years.

Today I ate:

9 large Bananas

5 Medjool Dates

6 medium Oranges

Eating Oranges When Going Raw Adds Juicy Energetic Goodness.

The Get Fresh Challenge Day 16

January 18, 2012

My funk is improving, but my cravings are not letting up. They usually hit at night when I get home from work. The evening time is when I would overeat on the cooked diet. My preferred way of eating is definitely raw vegan and I have managed to not give into the cravings.

Over the years I have had many starts and stops on my raw diet. When I am not eating all raw, I am always trying to motivate myself for going raw. I will buy the foods I need and get prepared, but there is a mental hang up with starting. There is a mindset that I haven’t figured out yet. If I am too busy at work, it’s not a good starting point. If I am stressed out, it’s not a good starting point. If it is a Holiday or someone’s Birthday, it is not a good starting point. The reasons go on, but the reason’s are just excuses. It’s a way of keeping myself stuck in a comfort zone (which is not comfortable at all). Going raw is not easy when you have issues with food, but I do know it is what is going to help me get healthy.

Today I ate:

1 large Cantaloupe

4 Medjool Dates

6 large Bananas

Eating Sweet Dates Makes Going Raw Easy!

Eating Sweet Dates Makes Going Raw Easy!

The Get Fresh Challenge Day 17

January 19, 2012

Today I made sure to eat a big breakfast to see if the cravings would be lessened by the time I got home from work. I also did not skip lunch. Eating more calories and regular meals seems to have decreased my want for cooked food. I only had mild cravings, and once I ate dinner the cravings were gone. I feel really good, but I expected to feel much better than I do at this point on my Get Fresh Plan.

Today I ate:

4 medium Navel Oranges
5 large Bananas

6 large Bananas

1 whole Cantaloupe
1 Head of Lettuce

Going raw and staying raw is my avenue to the health and vitality I seek. My Get Fresh Plan seems simple, but fighting emotions and giving into cravings are two of the most challenging things I deal with on a raw food diet. Eating raw food is so gratifying to me and my hope is to stay focused on my goals. Writing these articles has been a big help for keeping track of when I have cravings. Rereading the articles gives me clear guidance on what I am doing wrong, and how to fix the issues.

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