Is a Full Squat Necessary?

Ass to Grass, Huh? Full Squat or Not? I’ve tried focusing on going down until my butt hits the ground as I progress in my squat challenge. Going deeper with my squats makes me a little nervous, but if I don’t try, I’ll never progress with my fitness level. I’ve also decided to try a jump squat next week. 

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So far I have just done squats that feel comfortable for my knees and back. Trying a deeper squat will help strengthen the muscles of the knees, core, glutes (butt), and ankles. Adding more high carb fruit is making a difference in my energy levels. I still go back and forth and haven't reached my 100% raw vegan goal, but as I increase my fitness, it feels natural to want more fresh raw food.

Squat Challenge Progress:

Day 16: 3:24 - Well, I missed this day and did my 100 at 7am a day later. I was contemplating doing 200 squats to make up for missing yesterday, but my body was hurting from moving my massage studio to a new location. Once I got rolling, my muscles warmed up, but my right leg was tracking funny. I finished the 100 to make up for yesterday. 

Day 17: 3:05 – It’s after 11pm and I forgot to do my squats again. At least I didn’t wait for the next day to get them done like yesterday. Technically I did 200 squats today (7am and 11pm). If I put my mind to it, I could possible do more squats daily.

Day 18: 3:08 – I think I like doing squats right before going to bed. It seems that every time I do my 100 squats, I have to go to the bathroom. It’s a great colon mover and I seem to sleep better. I also tried a full squat and it felt okay. Going deeper is definitely harder. I can feel the benefits, but can also feel more stress on my knees. I will keep adding some full squats and try to work my way up to more reps where I go all the way down.

Day 19: - 3:28 – It’s actually after midnight on the 20th. I fell asleep and forgot to do my squats, but woke up for some reason. Instead of going back to sleep, I got up to complete my 100 squats. It felt like midnight. As the reps ticked by I did gain some energy. I completed my reps, stretched for a few minutes, and went back to bed.

Day 20: 3:15 – Well, I fell asleep again and didn’t remember to squat. Instead of getting up at 2am when I was awakened by a barking dog, I decided to go back to sleep and do them when I woke up at a more normal hour (completed on day 21). It’s always scary for me delaying exercise. I’m a master procrastinator. Chances are very high that I will forget my exercise plans or find some excuse not to do it at all. That’s why I like doing fitness challenges. It’s a good way for me to focus on a task that needs to be done everyday to accomplish my goal. Challenges also reveal when I try to make excuses, how easily I forget, and how I procrastinate throughout the day, as obvious with this squat challenge. Today I did 10 reps in a row of a full squat. Slowly working my way to more challenging exercise.

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Some Benefits I Look Forward to with doing a Full Squat include:

  • flexibility
  • build muscle
  • reduce injuries
  • improve athletic performance

I really, really want to build back up to running and after day 20 of this squat exercise challenge, I can already feel the benefits of doing squats and how it will improve my running training program and fitness level. I'm not sure if a full squat is totally necessary, but I do know how it can improve my fitness level. I'm going to slowly add more reps and pay attention to how I am feeling to prevent injury.

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