Fitness for Health

You can achieve Fitness for Health.

Do you think fitness for health is an impossible task?

Does it take your body a long time to adjust to standing and walking after sitting for too long?

If you feel like your body has tapped out on getting back in shape, think again. There are stories after stories of people just like you who thought they had lost their mobility forever. Getting back to a comfortable place in your body and health can be as easy as getting off the couch.

It may not feel great at first, but start where you are currently in your abilities. If you can only walk at a slow pace for five minutes, that is enough. The next day, add one more minute, then the next another minute. Soon you will be walking for twenty minutes, which can be the start of increasing your energy, improving your mood, and be the starting point for reversing chronic disease.

You can start right there in front of the television with some simple joint movements. If you have good knees or think you don’t have good knees, you can do some body-weight squats. Just be contentious of your form, and if something doesn’t feel right, stop and reevaluate your technique. I like to go to YouTube for pointers on form for any new exercise I try.

Ramp up your Fitness for Health

After you’ve mastered some basics, move to another level. You can join a gym for extra support,  increase your daily walk to a more brisk pace, or add more distance to your walk. If you live in an area for with nature trail, lace up your shoes and hit the trails. Nothing feels better than a walk in nature.

More ideas to increase your level of fitness for health:

  • Boot Camp Classes
  • Cross-Fit
  • Yoga
  • Hiking

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Eat high-quality Vegan Foods for Vital Nutrients

Adding a vegan diet to your fitness routine will quickly escalate the healing process and get you on the fast track to a higher fitness level.

One piece of advice that can prove valuable is to start by adding good food in. I would like to say stop eating processed junk food all at once, but that doesn’t work for the majority of people. However, if you feed your body delicious plant-based food by gradual adding more each day, just like you did to start building your fitness level, you will start to notice how great the added nutrition feels, and hopefully want more good food and less of the high sugar, high salt, high fat, and highly processed gunk that keeps us stuck on the couch.

Eating high quality plant-based foods will clean your blood, which carries fresh nutrients to the cells of your body, and eliminates toxins that had built up from poor eating habits. You will start to feel alive again and have more energy to improve your fitness level.

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