Eating Fruit

Eating Fruit...Mango & Purslane salad makes a high energy meal

Why are so many people in the health and fitness industry so against eating fruit? Just because fruits are carbs it doesn’t make them the enemy.

I once hired a personal trainer, and the first thing she told me to cut from my diet was fruit, along with bread, pasta, and potatoes. Sure I understand cutting out the processed starchy carbs, but FRUIT? She did say I could have berries, but nothing high on the Glycemic Index.

People are set in their beliefs and my trainer was visually an example of fitness, but I disagree about the fruit. I feel that eating foods high in vitamins and minerals, and easily digested is the most beneficial way of eating. Especially for someone like myself who needs to heal digestion and shed weight.

Fruit Does a Body Good!

When I consume fruit I feel the positive effect in my body immediately. It doesn’t matter if I am eating a S.A.D. diet, vegan diet or all raw, it’s obvious that fruit is essential to my health. I feel more alive, have better energy, and my skin has a fresh hydrated feeling. My vision is sharper, and the puffiness I usually have around my eyes diminishes. Fruit is an excellent beauty food.

Are You Letting Your Breakfast Ruin Your Day and Potentially Your Life?

In my quest to lose weight, I discovered how just fruit for breakfast sustained my energy until it was time to eat lunch, even beyond the normal lunch time. There was no crashing or cravings mid-morning like there is when eating a breakfast full of processed carbs, such as bagels or pastries. Often I would only have a sugar loaded coffee for breakfast. This is a sure way to disrupt the delicate internal workings of the body, which will only lead to bigger health problems. I know this for a fact because it became my reality. Adrenals, Thyroid, and belly fat are among the issues I developed by making poor choices for my first meal of the day.

Eating Fruit and.....More Fruit.

I am very intrigued by the Fruitarian way of eating vegan. In my earliest days of learning about plant-based diets, bananas were a no-no by S.A.D eating gym rats, and later, those that followed a raw food diet. My instinct was to eat more bananas, and thank goodness I found examples in those living a fruitarian lifestyle. Bananas are often their main staple.

It also makes sense to eat other types of vegetables, and especially a variety of leafy greens. Fruitarians seem to be very energetic and are able to rapidly improve on fitness goals and excel in their chosen sport, something I would like to experience.

I am a work in progress, and still flip flop on how I want to eat and achieve my health goals. I quickly sabotage my good efforts. At the time of writing this, I am a junk food vegan eater. knowing how eating fruit fells in my body, I believe a fruit based diet would be a great way to lose weight and get healthy as a cleanse. I'm not so sure I would make it my lifestyle knowing how I love cooked vegan meals.

Find amazing fruit eating inspiration by FullyRaw Kristina on YouTube

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