Liberate Your Life With Bodyweight Squats & Green Smoothies

I’ve really enjoyed doing bodyweight squats for this challenge. Having worked in a gym for the majority of my adult life, I was always told that lifting heavy weights with a combination of at least an hour of cardio was the only way to get an efficient workout. Even in my younger years I use to question that philosophy and preferred lighter weights with more reps and fun cardio outside. FREEDOM! I need to be free in nature. Using dumbbells, weighted balls, a jump rope, or the TRX straps is really all the equipment I think I need.

No Gym Workouts. Bodyweight Squats and minimal equipment workouts are trending.

My idea of fun cardio is just going outside and walking, running, or riding a bike. I also like hiking or walking up and down stairs (there is a park in my city that is made from a mountain of trash with stairs and a trail that circles around the trash stuffed mountain – How cool is that?). Even if it is raining! Bodyweight squats and workouts are great in the rain!

Squat Challenge Progress:

Day 11: 3:27 – as mentioned on day 10 I found motivation in listening to music to while doing my squats. Tonight I listened to the band Kix – Cold Blood, also a band from the 80’s. After doing the 100 Squats I made a banana-fig smoothie with a teaspoon of Spirulina. YUM! Raw Vegan is Awesome. Green Smoothies are an automatic upgrade for any digestive system.

Day 12: 3:13 – Still getting it done. Yesterday seemed as though I was moving quickly, but tonight it felt like I was squatting in slow motion. Time really isn’t important to me, but it’s good to see how some days are better than others. The lesson is to just do the best you can, but get it done.

Green Smoothie post 100 Squat Challenge Day 11

Day 13: 3:20 It’s after 11pm and I realized I didn’t do my squats today. I came so close to not doing them but just grabbed my phone to time myself and went to it. Tomorrow I will try and get back on my morning squats.

Day 14: 2:52I didn’t get my squats done this morning like I wanted, but really squatted up a storm tonight. Is faster better?

Day 15: 3:19to answer my question from yesterday, maybe it’s not better to squat faster. When I started my squats I noticed some tension in my right leg. I did the first 25 then stopped to stretch before continuing. The stretching helped.

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Doing bodyweight squats for this challenge has been a really good lesson in how exercise can be simple and productive. I feel my core getting stronger and my knees are not hurting like they did before I started this challenge. It’s especially noticeable in my work as a massage therapist. Usually I would get a twinge in my left low back, which seems to effect my gait pattern when walking, and ultimately leads to knee and foot pain.

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