Hello, my name is Tamara. Welcome to my vegan site for weight loss and a total lifestyle transformation.

Recently I became hyper aware that I was in a "Comfort Zone".

The term Comfort Zone really doesn't make sense, does it? When we realize we are in a comfort zone it's usually because our lives have become stagnant, or we realize we are not living up to our fullest potential.

When going through the usual routine of your day feels more like a chore, then you are most likely in a "un-comfort" zone.

My desire to eat a plant-based diet is to create a more energetic and vibrant lifestyle.

Here are just some of my reasons for choosing vegan:

  • To Have an Abundance of Energy
  • Weight Loss Without Deprivation
  • Doing Activities Without Discomfort in Muscles and Joints
  • Feeling Happy and Excited About Life
  • Running with Endurance and Speed
  • Being Flexible and Fluid in Yoga or Stretching
  • Eating Fresh Clean Food for Optimum Digest and Assimilation
  • Living in a Chemical Free Environment (to the best of my control)

More about me:

I am a massage therapist by trade, a traveler at heart, and a natural born counselor. I have been interested in health and healing since high school and especially in my late teens when I started massage school. That’s also when my interest in yoga, meditation, fitness, and eating vegan started. I have a strong interest in eating local, growing my own food, and foraging for wild edible plants.

Even though I was introduced to health and healing concepts in my late teens, I still fall back to old unhealthy habits I learned as a child.

I let stress dominate my life and the bad habits for controlling that stress have played a part in ill health, weight gain, and less than vibrant living. I am a food addict and caffeine abuser.

When I started this website, I thought it would just be about weight loss. However, I realized a whole lifestyle shift is what is needed for lasting change. That’s when a more balanced approach started to take shape. Creating new habits and routines will be where I will find my breakthroughs.

To me, it seems many people who are drawn to eating a plant-based diet are also interested in all aspects of healthy living that include Body, Mind, and Spirit.

My hope is that this site will attract like-minded people, as well as those looking for encouragement, support, and a space to feel nurtured.

Join the journey for a Happy Fresh Life!

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