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If the plan doesn't work, change the plan. But never the goal.My goal is to be a balanced vegan.

Here you will find Vegan Archives that seem outdated to me.

I have experimented with raw vegan, fruitarian, juice fasting, and water fasting. And, even dry fasting. I have also done some exercise challenges in attempts to create new habits.

My vegan lifestyle has had some ups and downs over the years and my ideas on how I want to eat and move my body have evolved as well. Instead of deleting articles, I decided to put them here.

Vegan Archives: CHALLENGES

Squat Challenge

This was a surprisingly fun challenge. I thought I would struggle for at least two weeks before developing proper form, but it was amazing how quickly my overweight and out of shape body acclimated to doing the squats.

30 Day Squat Exercise Challenge (begin here)

Walking 5K A DAY 

I did a 5k a day walking challenge in September of 2014 in the Florida heat and humidity. Click the link below to begin, or skip to the updates at Happy Fresh Life.

21 Day Challenge -Walking 5K A DAY

The Get Fresh Challenge

A raw food challenge was my first attempt at documenting my desire to change my lifestyle. I did this raw food challenge in January of 2012.

The Get Fresh Challenge 1
Eating Raw Food

Challenge Days 1-2  - Raw Food Diet Plan
Challenge Days 3-5 - Healthy Detox Diet
Challenge Days 6-8 - Healthy Hydration
Challenge Days 9-11 - Raw Food Breakfast
Challenge Days 12-14 - Raw Nourishment
Challenge Days 15-17 - Going Raw
Challenge Days 18-20 - Raw Food and Health
Challenge Days 21-23 - Raw Food Supplies
Challenge Days 24-26 - Raw Vegan Recipes
Challenge Days 27-29 - Raw Food Weight Loss Diet

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