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Raw Nourishment

Raw nourishment can be tricky if you are a busy person and do not have time to eat at regular times during the day. I have random work hours as a massage therapist, so having quick and easy fruit has been helpful for my schedule. I will often get caught up in my day and before I know it, lunch has passed me by. If I know I will have a busy day, I will eat a large breakfast of fruit that is high in calories. Eating large amounts of fruit gives me more energy than I have had in my past experiences going raw. I feel full after eating and don’t start looking around for what else I can find to stuff my face.

Eating the crap I have in the past did very little to give me the nutrients my body needed. It’s a strange concept, but many overweight people are really just starving on a cellular level. They don’t get the vitamins and minerals needed for their bodies to function properly so their brains tell them to keep eating.

The Get Fresh Challenge Day 12

January 14, 2012

Today was a busy workday, so I made sure to eat a large meal of bananas for breakfast. Bananas seem to sustain me for many hours. I took some dates for lunch, but was not hungry until my last massage of the day. I planned on eating between appointments, but I have so little time in between. It would be more ideal for my raw nourishment if I eat something before I get hungry, but it’s not always possible. I don’t want to risk craving food that is not part of my raw food plan.

Today I ate:

8 large Bananas


1 Avocado, 1 small tomato, ½ c. Cilantro, Squeeze of Lime Juice – mixed together
½ Red Pepper
4 Celery Stalks

Raw Nourishment Party Idea -  Simple Guacamole with Veggies for Dipping

The Get Fresh Challenge Day 13

January 15, 2012

Today was Sunday so I slept in later than usual. I cooked lunch for my family who are on a very S.A.D diet. They won’t even consider eating raw vegan. Some people cannot be convinced about how raw nourishment can improve the quality of their lives. In the past, I would talk about eating raw with people and they would often become defensive or throw out the usual phrases like “where do you get your protein, and “eating too much fruit will spike your blood sugar”. I feel so much better eating raw then with any other diet. Some of the foods that are considered health foods are not really good for you. It’s sad at how so far removed our society has become to what food really is.

I often have the desire to cook when on a raw diet. I’m not sure why. I also watch Food TV, but eating Fruitarian has curbed that a little. I didn’t crave the food I was cooking for my family until later in the day. I got through my craving and felt relieved that I did not give in at that weak moment. This day for food was low in calories, and I believe that might have been the reason for the cooked food cravings.

Today I ate:


6 medium Bananas

4 Banana Whip – frozen bananas pushed through a juice with a blank screen

Salad – ½ Cucumber, 1 c. Cilantro, 5 Romaine Leaves, 2 c. Spinach, ¼ of Red Pepper, Dill w/ squeeze of Orange juice

Raw Nourishment Can Be Fun. Freeze Bananas and Blend Them Until The Consistency of Soft Serve Ice Cream. Delicious!

The Get Fresh Challenge Day 14

January 16, 2012

I’m realizing how important breakfast is to my success on raw. Eating meals at regular times has been challenging for me, but getting the raw nourishment first thing in the morning seems to sustain me until I can eat lunch. And, if I have to skip lunch I still feel okay until I can eat dinner. The more carbs at breakfast, the more energy I have throughout the day. Keeping cravings away seems to be a major goal of mine since I have mentioned it in several updates.

Today I ate:

7 Large Bananas


8 large Bananas

My goal is not to skip meals, but I seem to be doing it often. On a high fruit diet I should be trying to get 2,500 to 3,000 calories in daily. I’m finding it to be a bit of a challenge with how my schedule works, but as long as I keep my focus on eating raw food and raw nourishment, I seem to be able to make it through the day.

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