The Get Fresh Challenge 1
Raw Food Weight Loss Diet

Bananas make the perfect raw food weight loss diet food!

I do have raw food weight loss diet goals, but I wanted this challenge to only be about eating raw food. The habit of when I would eat, how much to eat, and to pay attention to cravings and thoughts of cooked food, as well as how I felt on a daily basis is what I wanted to focus on, and not how much weight I could lose.

I have always lost weight when going raw, it’s a given. Sometimes the weight loss is slower when I consume more nuts and seeds. Eating more fruit this time helped me to shed about fifteen pounds without ever feeling hungry. My energy was better and my mood was happier. I did have some sadness and anxiety the past few days, but I think it is either PMS or emotions from detox that I have read can happen on a raw diet.

The Get Fresh Challenge Day 27

January 29, 2012

I woke up this morning thinking about how important it is to stay raw after this challenge is over. It’s in my head that the days are winding down. I’m not thinking about cooked food; however, it is on my mind that after this challenge is over, I do want to focus on a raw food weight loss diet to get rid of the weight I have been carrying on my body. It's exhausting and I'm sick of it.

My past experiments have ended after a month or more. I want this to be my lifestyle and even though this challenge was not focusing on a raw food weight loss diet plan, it does seem to be one of the best ways to lose the pounds while still feeling good and eating as much as I feel my body needs.

Today I ate:

8 large bananas

½ Papaya

6 medium Navel Oranges
½ Box of Baby Spinach

Eat spinach in a large salad or blend in a smoothie for highly nutritious raw food weight loss diet meals.

The Get Fresh Challenge Day 28

Eating mono meals of bananas make great meals for your raw food weight loss diet.

January 30, 2012

Having lost 15 pounds on this challenge and rarely having cravings (when I wouldn't skip meals), eating more fruit seems to be a sure plan as a raw food weight loss diet, but it’s important to me to stay raw or at least mostly raw. I prefer all raw because I seem to have food triggers. If I don’t even consider cooked food as an option, I have a better chance of not going fully back to the standard crap I usually eat.

One of the pitfalls that I have noticed from my past experiences with starting and then stopping a raw food diet is weight gain. I will quickly gain the weight back with extra pounds once I have gone back to S.A.D. Usually I start back on cooked food because of stress, and the need for comfort food. That’s a funny term since all cooked food does is make me uncomfortable.

Today I ate:

½ Papaya 4 large Bananas

16 Medjool Dates
5 Celery Stalks

6 medium Navel Oranges

The Get Fresh Challenge Day 29

January 31, 2012

When I kick into full gear with exercise combined with eating raw, my raw food weight loss diet plan will include eating all raw, running, yoga, meditation, and other health related fitness activities. Before the end of last year, I was training with a personal trainer doing a high intensity workout similar to CrossFit. I would get in my car and drive away thinking “What Just Happened”. It was so intense I think my body was in shock, but I loved every minute of it.

I really love any type of workout but have failed to make it a priority the past six years (each year gaining more weight). One thing I have learned on this challenge is that I have to have a plan for the day. I need to wake up knowing what I am going to eat for breakfast, as well as have an idea for my snacks, lunch, and dinner. It’s the same thing for working out or running. I need the plan and it needs to be scheduled into my day just as I schedule my massage appointments. My massage clients depend on me showing up for their appointment, and I should show myself the same respect for my workout appointments. I struggle to come up with a schedule that does not interfere with work, but I’m working on it. 

Exercise, yoga, and meditation are important for a balanced raw food weight loss diet plan.

Today I ate: 

6 medium Navel Oranges 

7 large Bananas
4 Celery Stalks 

½ Papaya

This is the conclusion of my Eating Raw Food Challenge, but not my raw food diet. I found that eating large amounts of fruit agrees with me. I did not crave certain cooked foods like I normally would when eating a raw food diet. I do think I need to balance it out with more raw vegetables and more greens because I felt like I was in a fog on some days. This could have been detox or maybe a lack of other nutrients. 

Although I realized how fulfilling and convenient it is to eat whole foods, I did miss having a blender. It’s easy and convenient to put everything in the blender and make a quick and satisfying meal. The few days I made juice I found it time consuming, but I love the feeling I got from fresh orange juice. Even making a banana whip was more time to spend on preparing food than I wanted, but what a delicious treat.

Eating high fruit is a perfect raw food weight loss diet. One month is not very telling as to what this way of eating can do for an obese person, but I have a feeling it will give my body the energy and nutrients I need to lose all of my excess weight in the healthiest way possible. I also think the high vitamins and minerals in raw fruits and vegetables, along with other skin care therapies, such as dry brushing will help my skin rebound after weight loss. I didn’t do body measurements or keep track of how much weight I lost from week to week, but like I said before, it’s the eating plan that was the focus.

Eating Raw Food + exercise and fitness + a raw food weight loss diet = a more vibrant and fresh life! This will be my focus from now on.

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