The Get Fresh Challenge 1
Raw Food Supplies

So far, the raw food supplies I keep on hand have cost much less than the food I would eat on a S.A.D. diet or different versions of raw. Having my focus on eating fruit as the bulk of my daily in-take has saved time and money. It’s so easy to cut up some fruit or wash some greens and toss in a bowl. When eating S.A.D. I would order take out a lot or have to go to the grocery store everyday. I would never plan my cooked meals in advance. I think I did this because cooking food does not appeal to me. I have never been a person who likes to use many ingredients to create a meal, cooked or raw.

Also, I haven’t bought some of the usual things I would consume when I went raw in the past like Superfoods. Before, I would have Spirulina, Cacao, and have Gogi Berries on hand. I still like Spirulina in my smoothies, but I haven’t been making smoothies because my blender broke. I’m considering buying a VitaMix. I have wasted money on four blenders in six years. The gym I work at has had the same VitaMix for over thirteen years.

The Get Fresh Challenge Day 21

Fresh Greens are important Raw Food Supplies to keep stocked.

January 23, 2012

I’ve been paying extra attention to what food I need to consume before it rots. I like to have things as fresh as possible, so I only buy enough raw food supplies for two to three days. Often I will put off eating something if I am tired of it, but on this challenge, I make myself eat it as not to be wasteful. Being green and eco friendly is part of my Get Fresh Plan.

I craved salad again for breakfast this morning. I never thought I would like bananas in my salad, but that is the way I have been eating it. It’s more satisfying than adding a dressing. The banana tames the bitterness of dandelion.

Today I ate:

Greens - 6 Dandelion Greens, 4 Romaine Lettuce Leaves, 1 c. Parsley
4 Bananas

6 large Bananas

½ large Papaya

The Get Fresh Challenge Day 22

January 24, 2012

Aside from food, the raw food supplies to consider are the appliances. Having a blender, juicer, food processor, and dehydrator can be helpful when eating raw but not totally necessary. Because my blender broke before starting this raw food challenge, I have not been able to enjoy my favorite green smoothies. If I could make smoothies, I might be able to get more calories in during the day, however, it’s been interesting to know that not having all the latest and greatest appliances has not been an issue. Most of my raw food meals are wash, peel, enjoy. So easy!

Today I ate:

½ large Papaya

8 large bananas

6 Romaine Lettuce Leaves
3 large Bananas

One of my favorite Recipes is Citrus Juice.


  • Oranges
  • Grapefruit
  • Limes
  • Lemons

Juice with a Citrus Juicer and mix together.  *Add more oranges for sweeter juice and less for a more tart juice.

The Get Fresh Challenge Day 23

Having an abundance of Raw Fruits and Veggies is the most important aspect to your raw food supplies.

January 25, 2012

I had a banana whip again today. It’s the second time on my challenge I have made the banana whip. It’s so delicious and filling. I really cannot tell that I am eating something totally healthy. As far as raw food supplies go for this challenge, the banana whip and orange juice have been the only things I have needed an appliance to prepare. I had a dehydrator, but gave it away last year because I only used it a few times and decided it was not necessary for the raw food lifestyle I want to live. The top three major appliances I use are the blender, juicer, and citrus juicer.

The juicer I have is an Omega Juicer that I bought about four years ago. It cost about two hundred and fifty dollars and I use it often. As mentioned above, I am saving up for a VitaMix, and, the citrus juicer I bought about three years ago cost me less than twenty dollars, but I am considering an upgrade.

Today I ate:

2 whole Cantaloupes

4 Celery Stalks
12 Medjool Dates

6 large Bananas (Whip)

I’m really happy I decided to focus more on Fruitarian this time eating raw. Although I could be more diligent in eating the right amount and getting the greens in, I have learned that this is the easiest way to eat raw. Not only is it quick and easy, but I also need less raw food supplies. If I just focus on having the food stocked that I need and want to eat I am all set. I don’t have to spend so much time chopping, dicing, slicing, dehydrating, etc…I don’t enjoy that when S.A.D, and I don’t enjoy it much when raw. I do like to juice and would like to do a juice fast in the near future.

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