How Do You Prefer To Create Your Raw Food Recipes?

Raw Food Recipes make beautiful vegan meals.

Have you ever seen pictures of Raw Food Recipes? They make your mouth water, and the images are usually visually stunning because of the variety in bright colors of fruits and vegetables. Why wouldn’t you want to eat all the beautiful foods that this lifestyle has to offer?

Although raw recipes can range from the simple to the more elaborate gourmet dinners, I prefer a more simple way of eating raw to the gourmet version of the diet. Most of the time I am eating mono meals, or smoothies that usually have five ingredients or less. I do like to create Healthy Salad Recipes most evenings, but hold the dressing! I use to put oily raw dressing on my raw salads, but one day I decided I didn’t like or need the salad dressing. That’s when I started chopping an orange into my salad with a squeeze of lime juice and a pinch of sea salt.

Gourmet Raw Food Recipes

In the past I have created the more elaborate meals, such as Ani Phio’s Burger with all the fixin’s, including raw mustard, raw catsup, and raw bread. These types of Gourmet Raw Vegan Recipes require using a dehydrator and food processor among other kitchen appliances. Although the meals are tasty and filling, they take a lot of time to prepare when you factor in soaking nuts and the time in the dehydrator. The dehydrating times for raw recipes can take hours to complete. Many gourmet recipes are nut based and aside from the preparation being time consuming, I find it difficult on my digestive system to eat meals that are heavy on the nuts or have too many ingredients.

Gourmet Raw Food Recipes

My digestive system prefers the simple recipes that you would find more often talked about in the Fruitarian or 80/10/10 versions of the raw food diet. I also love Green Smoothies. It’s super easy to toss a handful of greens into your fruit smoothies to create a delicious and nutritious drink.

Another simple and satisfying way to add nutrients to any diet is Raw Food Desserts. Even if your goal isn’t a raw food lifestyle, making desserts using whole fruits and vegetables is a great way to get your nutrition into your diet. Dessert raw dishes can be eaten as a snack, after dinner, or even for breakfast. They satisfy the sweet tooth without the guilt of SAD desserts.

Once you retrain your taste buds to appreciate whole raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, eating and creating raw food recipes might become your preferred way of living and preparing your food.

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