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Raw Food Breakfast

Eating a raw food breakfast is one of the best ways to get the day started. Eating fruit in the morning has made it easier for me to make it to lunch without having cravings. Fruit is packed full of nutrients and carbs that give me natural energy without dropping me later in the day. I don’t get the desperate hungry feeling that I would have when eating the way I use to eat.

When not eating a raw food diet, I would skip breakfast four to five times out of the week. I am not a fan of typical breakfast food, and most of my past eight years have been in the horrible habit of just having coffee. I would only have coffee or mocha, and on occasion I would have a baked item or a bagel. I knew it was bad, but only recently did I know how it could mess with metabolism and adrenal function, which can make it harder to lose weight. 

Even though eating a raw food breakfast is easy and delicious, I find myself starting to skip breakfast on this diet as well. It’s not ideal, but so far, skipping breakfast on occasion hasn’t caused me to have any cravings or thoughts about not eating a raw diet.

A Mono Meal of Apples Makes a Perfect Raw Food Breakfast.

The Get Fresh Challenge Day 9

January 11, 2012

I’m feeling more and more energetic everyday. Yesterday and this morning I was very chatty, just like when I would drink to much coffee, but without the gut rot and nervous jitters. I’m still experiencing the acid reflux. I wish it would go away.

Today I ate:

7 medium bananas

4 Gala Apples
8 Medjool Dates
Together these two remind me of caramel covered apples.

6 large bananas

The Get Fresh Challenge Day 10

January 12, 2012

Today I got a late start. It felt good to sleep in and I had good energy all day. I skipped my raw food breakfast because of my late start, but felt good and did not have cravings for cooked food. The acid reflux is still getting on my nerves, literally. I had the thought to look up symptoms of a stomach ulcer and it seems that I may have an ulcer. After a little research, a raw food diet may or may not help. One source said not so much, and another spoke about the bananas ability to heal stomach ulcers. I’m confused. Fasting was also recommended, but if I break from the high fruit that is keeping the cravings away, I’m afraid I will go back to the S.A.D (Standard American Diet). SAD is what that diet makes me.

Today I ate:


8 large Bananas

15 Zahidi Dates
1 c. Spinach

Add A Handful of Spinach to Your Morning Raw Food Breakfast Smoothie

The Get Fresh Challenge Day 11

January 13, 2012

Slept in again. My goal is to be up by 5am. I have a variety of things I want to do before work, such as yoga, meditation, and running. It’s better for me if I do them early. As the day goes on, I am likely to not get the things done that I want if I wait. However, Tamara Gets Fresh is all about me creating more positive ways of being in my life and creating new habits. Maybe it’s not such a bad thing to schedule evening yoga or meditation. Eating raw food is definitely less time consuming than eating food that needs to be cooked. There is less clean up and as far as I can tell, it cost less to eat raw.

I bought bananas today that were discounted because they were starting to get brown spots. I bought a few packages that ranged in price from sixty-two cents to ninety cents. The ninety cents package had ten perfect bananas an excellent choice for a raw food breakfast.

Today was a low calorie day but I still felt good and had no cravings.

Today I ate:

4 medium Navel Oranges

5 large Bananas

2 c. Raw Sauerkraut – for some reason I thought this would help my acid reflux and I think it did.

So far, bananas seem to be my favorite raw food breakfast. Bananas are inexpensive, easy to eat, and there is no clean up. I will take bananas with me when I go to work, but I find they get brown faster when getting bumped and bruised. They are usually still good inside but it’s just more convenient to eat them at home.

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