The Get Fresh Challenge 1
Eating Raw Food

Eating raw food is the best way I have found to increase my energy and to lose weight.

Eating raw food is the best way I have found to increase my energy and to lose weight. Unfortunately, I have had many failed attempts to make it my lifestyle, and ultimately ended up just considering it a detox or cleanse. As 2011 was winding down, I once again was considering doing the raw food diet.

I’m significantly overweight and have started to see signs of deteriorating health. In the past three years I have moved rapidly to the label of morbidly obese. Although I carry an extra 140 pounds on my average size frame, I can still run three miles, only stopping to stretch, and can also complete a high intensity workout with a personal trainer. Even though I am able to be physically active with little pain, I am not living up to my physical potential. My chosen eating plan will enable me to progress at a faster and healthier pace.

To give myself a better chance for success, I decided to wait until after the holidays to start the eating raw food challenge. Temptation can be one of my biggest enemies when starting any dietary change. One step I did make toward my Get Fresh Plan was to not eat meat over the Holidays, which was very easy since I eat very little meat anyway.

About a year ago I started reading more about the Fruitarian Diet, similar to 80/10/10. Eating large amounts of fruit a day resonates with me because fruit is, and has always been, my favorite food. The plan is to eat a high amount of fruit and greens daily. I will also eat a variety of other vegetables, as well as, avocado and coconut, but in lower amounts.

Eating a diet abundant in fruit may be the missing link to staying on a raw food diet.

Eating Raw Food Especially Fruit Gives Me More Energy

Eating a diet geared more toward fruit may be the missing link as to why I suddenly decide to give into the cravings that ultimately end my raw food diet. The foods I would crave the most after being raw for two weeks or longer would be pasta, bread, or coffee. The pasta and bread could be a lack of adequate carbs, and the coffee is because I would have moments where I would feel tired and think just a little coffee would be okay. But it's not okay. What would end up happening is these foods would trigger me to want more cooked food, and the downfall begins. Eating more fruit should give me more energy and less cravings for unfavorable carbs. I also need to work on my self-discipline. 

Even though I call this a challenge, it doesn’t stop after a month or two. It’s a lifestyle plan and a path to a healthier, happier way of living. The Get Fresh Challenge 1 is to focus on eating raw food. This is my first step to regaining my energy and to heal my body. I plan on working out and doing other health related fitness activities, but for the month of January, I want my daily focus on what I eat and how it makes me feel. Later I will add regular workouts, running, yoga, and meditation.

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